Rapid Reaction Relief: Titans Spark #TitanNation With Win Over Saints

By: Brendan Smart ( @bsmart21 )

Other than myself, who tuned into the Sunday’s today and watched all four quarters? I did, I told everyone to stay calm and watch the progression, but we saw it come sooner than I expected. This Tennessee Titans team was missing the key to winning games, and that is heart. We saw Delanie Walker lead this team with overwhelming leadership and heart, but it all started with the interim head coach Mike Mularkey. Coach Mularkey could be the Titans key to success.

Interim head coach Mike Mularkey entered Sunday’s game with plenty of speculation, but I was excited for several reasons. Mularkey’s history with Matt Ryan transferred into today’s excellent performance with the Titans. Mularkey and offensive coordinator Jason Michaels used Marcus Mariota to the best of his abilities, Mariota looked cool in the pocket. We haven’t seen this version of Mariota since week one, as he looked fluid in his decision making when changing plays at the line. The offensive line changes could be what this team needed. They looked really strong verses a decent Saints front seven.

This team has been missing heart and leadership all season, but we saw it today, and it oozed out of the veteran captains. Brian Orakpo and the defensive front seven took the first half away, and the Titans defense adjusted well to Drew Brees. Dick Lebeau continues to lead this defensive minded team and it’s really fun to watch. The Titans made Drew Brees look very uncomfortable today, and that led to the Titans second win of the season.

Looking ahead I’m very excited to see where Mike Mularkey takes this team. “I’m just so proud of this team because I knew that they can do it, and they went out there and got the win.” Mularkey said during his postgame press conference following the win on Sunday. Mularkey has his ways of sparking this team, and knowing his strengths early in the game. Mularkey knew Sunday for the Titans to win it was going to take the passing game, and he stuck with it. Tennessee will welcome a hungry and undefeated Carolina team next Sunday, and that will be the true test to this Titans team. Let’s enjoy this one Titans Nation, and as always #TitanUp.

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