Titans Look To Get Mularkey A Win In His Debut

By: Brendan Smart ( @bsmart21 )

The reenergized Tennessee Titans (1-6) head to festive New Orleans to take on the Saints (4-4). Mike Mularkey will make his head-coaching debut with the Titans with a tough one on Sunday. The Tennessee Titans defense was ranked fifth in the league last week, and look to improve this week against a solid Saints offense. We’ve heard all week about Mike Mularkey, but who will be making the play-calls for Marcus Mariota and the offense?

Jason Michael is in his 10th season in the NFL and his second season as offensive coordinator with the Titans. He joined the Titans coaching staff following three seasons (2011-2013) as the tight ends coach for the San Diego Chargers. Michael is looking to earn this job full time, and put this team in a spot to win consecutive games down the stretch. If the Titans can possibly win four games in a row, there will be a shot at the playoffs, but Michaels has to get this offense hitting on all cylinders. Michaels will start at a great time being that Marcus Mariota is returning from an MCL sprain that set Mariota and this offense back two weeks.

What else can we say about this Tennessee Titans defense? This defense is very unappreciated around the league, but if the offense can get it together the Titans could get some guys in the Pro Bowl. Though, it’s way too soon to determine all of that, but this statement is one I’m comfortable sticking with. What if I told you that Veterans Michael Griffin and Jason McCorty would miss big games, but these young defensive backs would stop big time wide-outs? This is big to me, and Dick Lebeau and Ray Horton should get a TON of recognition on how far they have brought this defense.

The Titans are going to have to come out on Sunday very aggressive, and I’m talking Rex Ryan aggressive. Dan Campbell did it to the Titans a few weeks ago, and Mularkey and Michaels should do the same thing. This offense needs a spark, and showing confidence in these offensive players is going to be key for the rest of the season. Next, I’ve heard numerous offensive line changes, though I can’t pinpoint where everyone will be let’s just hope Mariota is upright the majority of Sunday’s game.


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